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Crystal Pianos by DNTE, released 30 June 2020 1. Introduzione Mp3 2. The Plaza System - feat. Wyze Wonda (aka Hollywood Wonda) 3. MK Ultra 4. Symphony - feat. Wyze Wonda (aka Hollywood Wonda) 5. Boeing Carrera - feat. Adichi (aka La Reina) 6. Rhinocerous Horn - feat. SullyNomad (aka Pen Clemante) 7. Battle Of Winterfell - feat. Wyze Wonda (aka Hollywood Wonda) & TheRealSkitso (aka Mr.T) 8. Moschino - feat. Wyze Wonda (aka Hollywood Wonda) 9. Washing Machine - feat. Falcon Outlaw (aka Texas Ranger) 10. Diamond Panther Bracelet - feat. Billie Esco (aka Uptown Chase) 11. Once Upon A Time 12. The Winston Cocktail 13. Drop Acid - feat. Daniel Son (aka Don Sonzarelli) 14. Goldvish Le Million - Lord Juco (aka Lord Laurent) 15. 15. Dope Shit Brings Hate Quick - feat. Johnny X (aka Cannabis Caviar) "Crystal Pianos" Limited Edition Physical Copy , with only 50 reg/25 obi made never to be pressed again.Full Color ,Plus Insert jewel case cover with full color exclusive disc,wrapped in plastic.**also for a limited will receive an additional Free Gift with every order only when you shop at

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