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Reheated, Vol. 2



Folks, today we are STOKED to announce the release of our new EP, “Reheated Vol. 2!” available on digital streaming platforms Friday July 31. We are working with Qrates to press this special project on a limited edition 12" vinyl. The vinyl will only be available through the Qrates crowd funding campaign so pre-order your copy now! As y’all might know by now, our “Reheated” EP series features covers from bands that have influenced us and our playing from the very beginning. As timing may have it, Volume Two is a collection of songs by none other than the great and powerful Pink Floyd. We’re proud to be playing and releasing this music at an important time in our nation’s history. Today it seems that the words of Roger Waters and David Gilmour might ring louder and truer for many people than they ever have before. We had a blast recording these songs, and we hope you enjoy!

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