The Mad's / Traffic Sound: Psychedelic Rock from Peru 1968​-​71 and more by The Mads / Traffic Sound album cover

The Mad's / Traffic Sound: Psychedelic Rock from Peru 1968​-​71 and more DELUXE BOX: THE MAD's LP + TRAFFIC SOUND LP

by The Mads / Traffic Sound



The Mad's / Traffic Sound: Psychedelic Rock from Peru 1968-71 and more by The Mads / Traffic Sound, released 27 June 2020 1. The Mad's: If you feel 2. The Mad's: Fly away 3. The Mad's: Feels like home 4. The Mad's: Rock n' roll woman 5. The Mad's: Tumor Bossa 6. The Mad's: Electric jam In 1968, 2 of the best peruvian bands kills the weekend night's in the fancy neighborhood of San Isidro-Lima, both played in the same venue: El Galaxy pub (later called: Tiffany's Pub), and were two of the best bands around: On one side were: The Mad's, They played wild, fast and furious, lots of fuzztone and heavy acid guitars.. influences goes from the Kinks to early Jimi Hendrix Experience. This group never made a vinyl in the 60's, but they kept for 4 decades their recordings in a basement, till one day all this wonderful music was ready to see the light. Some of the recordings where done in Lima in 1968 in a private studio, tracks: Fly away, Tumor bossa were recorded at The Rolling Stones Mobile sound studio in London 1971. And "Electric Jam, is a 14 minutes track, exclusive of the vinyl release... called: "Electric Jam" (recorded at The Rolling Stones rehearsal studio at 47 Bermondsay Street, London UK - October 1970) After years of work, our label Repsychled made their album release in a deluxe album 180 grms vinyl. (also a CD versiΓ³n and a "in concert" CD). This LP includes a record in 180 grms deluxe quality pressed at Palls factory, Germany... with a special remastered for vinyl,and 2 full sized insert: one with rare pictures and other with band bio. -- On the other side is one of the top classic bands from psychedelic music in Peru: Traffic Sound, a six band combo wich made a wonderful self titled album: Traffic Sound (December, 1970). This wonderful record was original made with a special 3gatefold panel cover. Our reissue includes: 3 panel replica cover, deluxe remastered audio from reel to reel master tapes, inner sleeve with photo of the master tapes, big poster with exclusive pictures of the band, from the personal collection of the guitar and bass player. Album songs: Tibet's Suzettes Those Days Have Gone Yesterday's Game America What You Need And What You Want Chicama Way Empty Listen the album here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wanna purchase the Deluxe box you will get both LPs + a surprise gift of our label.. It will be a close to 1 kilo box !!! BOTH LP's goes together, We can not sell only one LP cause the box will be over weight of half a kilo and you will pay the shipping for 1 kilo anyway. That's the reason to sell both albums as combo.. also because both are related in music. Take a look on our other The Mad's releases: Studio: (includes 5 songs from LP + 5 more - minus Electric jam) In concert: Also we made the CD version of Traffic Sound album, you could get it here: For licensing enquiries Worldwide for The Mad's, please contact us: [email protected]

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